Noah’s Art Camp

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dedicating my free time to doing homework. Art homework. I’m not in school anymore and I have more homework than ever before! This is because I signed up for Noah’s Art Camp, a 12-week intensive art course that is guaranteed to improve your skills. And so far it is kicking my butt.

This course has a lot of homework that takes a lot of time to complete and so far, like many others, I am way behind. Each week, concept artist Noah Bradley uploads a two-hour demo/instructional video based on that week’s theme. Week one was Master Studies, where we had to reproduce old master paintings to the best of our ability. That week we also had to make composition and color studies of other artworks to see how each element is used. Now I signed up for this Camp about 10 days late, so I’m not even halfway done with this homework, but it is a start.

Week two was all about Sketching From the Imagination. This is where I hopped on, so I tried to work on week one and two work back and forth. This assignment required another master study (I’m working on them!), color studies (also in progress!), and sketches from imagination with, preferably, no references. I can be a really slow worker when it comes to digital. That’s the biggest reason I took this course was to better understand digital painting through demonstration, practice, and critique. But I got some work done, like her:

I'll probably add her to my portfolio once I clean her up a bit (it is a sketch after all).

I’ll probably add her to my portfolio once I clean her up a bit (it is a sketch after all).

Week three focused on Still Life. I have never done a still life digitally before and it frustrated me pretty badly, but I just kept working on it and I’m really starting to like it. I’m nowhere near done with the homework. I sort of put it on hold so I could work on week four stuff. Week three needed still life color studies, more imagination sketches, and 8 fully done still lifes. I ve got this:

A quick pastel piece of a glass ornament.

A quick pastel piece of a glass ornament.

Not done yet, but is very promising!

Not done yet, but is very promising!

It is really difficult to do a still life for a long period of time. I’d rather do….

Self-Portraits! This is the current week’s theme and I love drawing people, even though now I must constantly draw myself. I haven’t had much time (as usual) to work on these because of work, but I’m really liking my progress. This week we were assigned to do imaginative sketches (preferably character designs), 4 fully worked selfies, 20 quick block ins, and 10 color studies from the masters. First day I did this:


A quick block in practice that got way more complex.

And yesterday I made this:


This is probably the best self-portrait I’ve ever done. Hands down. I love it. And I can’t wait to do more, but this one took 4 hours and a lot of patience. But I gotta say, I’m loving this course and I see a great difference already. I’ve also been getting some great feedback from the Facebook group for the Camp and I love seeing other people’s takes on the assignments. Hopefully I’ll have more to show soon.