During the final year of college, our professors emphasized that as artists, we need to know how to market ourselves. Branding is a way to put yourself out there in a recognizable and cohesive way. The best way to do this is to utilize an image or design that best represents you. I have always admired clean and minimalist design because it is attractive AND gets the point across. It seems that a lot of the designs I looked whilst trying to brand myself were outdated or just to cluttered, especially when it came to business cards. Some of those free designs were AWFUL, so I made my own:

Simple and modern. The pic I used is representative of who I am; it is a picture of the easel I worked on for much of my time in college. I also designed this portfolio site so it looked like my card, and then finally, my resume, which I recently re-tooled:

Before it was just a standard work document, but I made a new version that fit with my brand style and represents my skills as a designer. Now every way I market myself looks like a standard style that accurately represents me.



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